Food & Restaurant

Commercial style

The first thing you can do for a food photography idea in this style; It's about appearing in the world of product photography and advertising. Taking a picture to sell a product can be challenging. Nothing should be done without control. Light, depth of field, color, style and style should all go hand in hand with a whole process to create interesting, attractive and desirable products. Get started with easy steps. Try to create an image for your neighborhood store. This is a relatively easy subject, and can represent a satisfying purchase. If you are lucky, they may allow you to use the final photos for yourself. As a food photography idea, use a device that produces it. This is commonly used by coffee companies. In general, many of these machines are quite fast and accessible. If you want to send this type of image to a small organization, all visible marks and logos on the device must be carefully removed. Of course, if you haven't gotten a share of the market and advertising, you can still work with the idea of ​​food photography and enjoy it. This is a great way to enhance your creativity, improve your lighting style and composition, and learn new tricks. You can also gain new skills in photo editing. For example, composite images create new editing skills for you.

Conceptual food photography

For the idea of ​​food photography, concept photography is quite challenging. The challenge in this section is to provide a simple concept. And then take a picture to create an attractive and interesting image. A simple yet powerful way to create this food photography idea is a minimalist style. This style keeps the scene simple, and at the same time you have to use every single material. In this method, the use of custom dishes is not recommended. Take a look at your favorite foods and drinks to get different ideas. And try to use them. Often, tea and coffee are seen in black and white. But it should be noted that sometimes coffee is used for the idea of ​​photographing food and rest. However, tea has more caffeine than coffee, and is more suitable in this regard. But coffee and tea are definitely great for harmonizing photography.

Play with food features

For this part of 15 food photography ideas, it is better to use its features in favor of our photo. We all know that certain foods are related to the human senses. Coffee causes anxiety and insomnia, or pepper causes sneezing. Or the red pepper is fiery and warm.

Creating an acrobatic mode

Shaping food for the trend is always a good way to attract viewers. Obviously, this idea of ​​food photography can be very challenging. You will most likely need a frame or framing; To balance food. And then you have to rotate it without the need for a scene, and start shooting with the same lighting settings. This way you can use the secondary image to remove the frame, and a backup mode of the final image. When shooting, make sure the background is pure black or white. This eliminates support structures.

High speed photography

Taking pictures with this food photography idea is a good way to create a more dynamic image. For this method of photography, you need to clear your mind. Have a regular schedule and be prepared for high-speed photography. You need to use a fast shutter speed to ensure that the photo is captured at the right time. In some cases, flash is used to make things easier. To capture this food photography idea, put your camera in continuous shooting mode and take a quick photo before dropping an item that creates such a situation (leaving a sugar cube in your drink).