Najo Film
Photography and video recording
In the current situation, it is necessary to use appropriate solutions for further growth and sales of businesses. One of the most important solutions is to use targeted and creative advertising. In order to provide effective advertising, industrial and advertising photos will be needed to ensure the growth and development of the business by producing effective content and activities in the internet marketing department. Regardless of these important issues, any traditional business will be doomed to bankruptcy. Understanding the concerns of its customers to attract new audiences and sell more, Nazhu Film Studio makes every effort to introduce and implement new methods to achieve these goals. We consider it our duty to provide quality, attractive, purposeful and effective advertising photos in sales, and we will do our best for your success.
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This collection has more than 22 years of experience in the field of advertising, design and graphics, as well as more than 18 years of photography and filming in various fields of industry, advertising, portraits, weddings, children, sports, conferences and seminars with modern equipment. Is. The services of this collection include photography, photography, editing and making clips, printing journal albums and photos in different sizes with different formats. Also we have engaged in graphical, advertising and designing material for more than 45 companies under long term engagement arrangements.
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• Excellent Photographical skills
• Film maker
• Professional web developer
• High performing administrations

Modeling & Fashion Photography

Modeling & Fashion Video Making

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Omid Mirzapour
Art Director | Photographer
Mohammad Ali Khoshkenar
Film Video Maker
Sayeh Eskafi
Graphic Designer | Photo Editing